Enhancement Model Information

Enhancement Information

What is Enhancement?

When a program chooses the Enhancement option, they are requesting technical assistance to build its program quality before the assessment process. This entails an initial, informal needs assessment with the Best Practice Rubric and CLASS Observation tools. From the data collected during the needs assessment, an action plan will be specifically created for each program based on need. The Enhancement model does allow for dollars to be awarded such that basic needs can be met with environment and materials. These dollars are awarded based on the needs assessment data. After completion of the Enhancement model, a formal assessment is completed, and a STAR Rating is awarded.

Enhancement Process

What to Expect for Enhancement

Enhancement Model (Section 16.00 of Guidelines):

16.01 Programs with the greatest identified need will be prioritized for inclusion in the Enhancement model. 

16.02 Programs that choose to apply and are selected for inclusion in the Enhancement model may receive up to six (6) months of enhancement to increase their overall STAR rating. 

16.03 Programs will receive funding and technical assistance to meet their needs based on the components of the Best Practice Rubric. Priorities will be created based on immediate health/safety concerns, environmental improvements, and supporting quality activities. 

16.04 Programs will receive technical assistance and support to improve program-level quality initiatives based on the Best Practice Rubric and/or teaching practices represented in the CLASS tool to increase their overall CLASS Aggregate score. 

16.05 Programs that have successfully completed the Enhancement model are eligible to re-apply for Enhancement after one (1) year unless otherwise notified.