Step 2: Orientation

Complete Orientation in AlaCEED under the Learning Tab
Complete Orientation in AlaCEED under the Learning Tab

Virtual On-Demand Alabama Quality STARS (QRIS) Orientation

  • Once a program is connected to AlaCEED, they will log in to their account and click the “Learning” tab at the top of the page.
  • Providers will need to complete all 4 parts of orientation (A,B,C, and D) including the quizzes to earn their certificate. Providers can complete orientation at their own pace, but they must watch each video in order and hit the “Finish” Button when it turns from Gray to Blue in order to earn the green check before moving forward to the next video. Not clicking “Finish” when it turns from gray to blue will result in not earning a green check and having to go back and rewatch the entire video.
  • Links to the resources referenced in each video are below each video and can be downloaded and saved.
    • You will need to download these before beginning the video so you will not lose progress while watching the video.
  • Once orientation is complete, providers can download and print the certificate of completion for their records.
    • If completing performance standards for STAR 1, this is the final step.
    • If a program wishes to earn a STAR 2 or higher, it will move to Step 3.

Steps to watch and follow to Get Started and Complete Virtual On-Demand Alabama Quality STARs (QRIS) Orientation Through AlaCEED

Video Tutorial on How to Access and Complete Orientation in AlaCEED

Notice: The video below is a tutorial on how to access orientation within AlaCEED. It is not part of the orientation.

Updated 2/21/2023

Printable Step-by-Step Instructions for Getting Started and Completing On-Demand Virtual Alabama Quality STARs (QRIS) Orientation in AlaCEED

Updated 2/21/2023