Overview of the Alabama Quality STARs (QRIS) Process:

Need to complete the Alabama Quality STARs (QRIS) Orientation by August 1, 2022? Just click on the links for Step 1 and Step 2 below to get started!

Step-by-Step instructions and videos on how to complete steps 1 and 2 are available when you click the link to those steps.

Notice: This is not the training or registry for the Alabama Pathways Professional Development Registry. All questions regarding the Alabama Pathways Professional Development Registry and training need to be directed to your DHR consultant or DHR at 334-242-1425.

All Providers Complete Steps 1 and 2:

Steps 3-5: For Providers Wanting to Complete Alabama Quality STARs (QRIS) Orientation In-Person or apply for a STAR 2 or Higher

Link to AlaCEED

Click on the AlaCEED logo below to connect to your site, complete orientation, and register for QRIS!