Family and Group Homes Best Practice Rubric Documents

Use this checklist of assessment documents to help you prepare the appropriate documentation for your Alabama Quality STARs assessment.

  • Full Guidelines
    • Updated 05.06.2024
    • Description: This is the overall manual for the Alabama Quality STARs program. These guidelines may be periodically updated with new information.
  • Family and Group Day Care Homes- Verification Manual
    • Description: This is the Best Practice Rubric with more detailed information on what specialists will be looking to find for each indicator. Providers should gather documentation and organize it in a box or binder labeled by Domain and Indicator prior to the specialist’s assessment visit.
  • Family and Group Day Care Homes-Professional Credentials and Classroom Checklist
    • Description: This checklist is for providers to complete. This checklist will help determine how many points on Domain 4 your program will receive. Use the Professional Lattice below for guidance. The class list will help us determine which CLASS tool to use based on the majority age within the learning environment.
  • Professional Lattice
    • Description: This lattice can be used for guidance on how to place yourself and an assistant on the document above. The QRIS Specialist assigned to you will give support in using the lattice for QRIS requirements and answer any questions you may have.
  • Family and Group Day Care Homes- Environmental Checklist
    • This checklist goes with Indicator 5.1 on the Best Practice Rubric.