The Alabama Quality STARS option between Assessment and Enhancement

What is Guided Support?

This is an option for providers who may feel they do not need full technical assistance through enhancement but would like some more guidance from an Alabama Quality STARs specialist before they request their official assessment.

Guided Support Process

Guided Support Process

Guided Support Model (Section 15.00 of the Guidelines):

15.01 Programs that choose to enroll in the Guided Support model will receive up to two (2) months of guided support to prepare for the Assessment process. 

15.02 Programs will be assigned an Alabama Quality STARS Specialist to answer specific questions, review documentation, and make individualized recommendations based on the Best Practice Rubric. 

15.03 Alabama Quality STARS Specialists will work with a program’s Director/Administrator to determine the level of needed support and create an action plan to prepare for Assessment. 

15.04 Alabama Quality STARS Specialists will provide primarily remote support with a maximum of two (2) monthly on-site visits.