Step 4: QRIS Office Sends Weekly Report of Applications to DHR to Verify Standing

Once a site completes the application for an Assessment, Guided Support, or Enhancement, they will be added to a report which will go to DHR on Thursday afternoon at 3:30 PM. Once DHR returns the list, providers who have been approved will be assigned a specialist. The Specialist will then reach out to the provider using the contact information provided on the application to discuss scheduling the assessment, or first meeting for Guided Support and Enhancement.

If there is a waitlist, the provider will be notified by email that they were approved by DHR and are on a waitlist.

Any providers who are not in good standing will be notified by DHR. Any questions regarding status should be directed to DHR directly.

Please allow until midday the following Monday (or Tuesday following Friday and Monday holidays) for the report to be completed and verified.